Family Winery Břeclav

Family Winery Břeclav

„To taste a product, made in a place where we use to live, as well as the person, who made it with his own hands does.“


The winery, founded in 2013, with the idea that one should consume the food from the place, where he lives and was born. The Břeclav Family Winery produces exclusive attributive wines in the categories Cabinet, Late Harvesting up to Choice of berries. The wines, made from the best grapes, and the selection of them, always picked according to a large number of criteria and best that the local winemakers from all over Moravia have grown. After the phase of picking and selection, they are quickly processed in Břeclav. The selection of grapes is the most important line of the production, and always stays reserved only to grapes typical and interesting, one region after another. The winery cooperates with more than fifteen certified grape suppliers from all four wine subregions of Moravia.

All the wines are produced essentially within limited editions. At some point, there is always a threat of them to be sold-out. This makes the Břeclav family winery a great choice for VIP customers who only require a limited range of quality wine. The winery does not offer any lower range of land wines or quality wines, It produces exclusively attributive wines in the categories Cabinet, Late Harvesting and Choosing from Berries. This requires the appropriate maturity of the grapes and their proper health – please accept the apology for when the wine is sometimes deficient, believe that less is sometimes more and quality requires patience.

800.000 bottles per year

Produced or offered varieties of white wines:
Pinot Noir
Muscat Ottonel

Produced or offered varieties of red wines:
Cabernet Moravia
Saint Laurent


2016 AWC Vienna gold medal
International Wine Exhibition MUNIVA gold medal
San Francisco International Wine Competition silver medal

Family Winery Břeclav