Lobkowicz Roudnice Winery

Lobkowicz Roudnice Winery

Lobkowicz winery in Roudnice is a traditional Czech wine producer, whose wines are getting crowned with numerous awards for more than four centuries.


The winery rightfully proud of over 400 years of its winemaking tradition, produces wines, under the supervision of the Lobkowicz family, in formerly-Roman cellars of the Chateau Roudnice since 1603 without a single interruption. In the course of production have been the traditional methods, a significant share of handmade work and respect for the character of wines from the northernmost wine region of the Czech Republic preserved up to these days. The top line of Lobkowicz wines come from the Sovice vineyards. Rhine Riesling, Müller Thurgau or Sylvan Green - the typical representatives of mineral and fresh wines, as well, as the red wines - Pinot Noir, Saint Laurent or the new variety Fratava, which are produced by uncontrolled fermentation in open vats and subsequently matured in oak barrels, remain traditionally valued.


250.000 bottles per year

Produced or offered varieties of white wines:
Sylvan green
Pinot Grigio
Müller Thurgau
Muscat Ottonel

Produced or offered varieties of red wines:
Blauer Portugieser
Pinot Noir

Since 1603 continuously the most distinctive wine with history.

Lobkowicz Roudnice Winery