Žůrek Winery Žeravice

Žůrek Winery Žeravice

"In Slovácko, the relationship with the wine and the vineyard is inherited with their property from father to son for several generations. So is it, with the Winery Žůrek. "


The winery currently specialises itself in the production of the bottled and mostly the attributed wines. The range of offered varieties is constantly expanding and also improving over the time. This is done through the acquisition of modern technology, but even more by the purchase of wooden oak barrels for the ripening of the red wines. At spring in 2016, the winery re-issued the Neuburger variety and created a whole new collection named „EXCLUSIVE 2015“. For this line were selected eight different types of wine, six of them from white and two from red varieties. But the flagships of the company are the Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio and especially the Neronet, which is every year receiving the winery lots of awards at international exhibitions.

Winery Žůrek is a family company, founded in 1990 in the town of Žeravice in the Slovácko sub-region, near the town of Kyjov. Today's owner of the company gladly remembers how his grandfather, František Žůrek, initiated him to the winemaking secrets. His father, Stanislav Žůrek, also a winemaker, but much more than that a musician was for many years a band-master of a brass music, Podhoranka, and later founded and led his own band Vinařinka. So the young Stanislav was taught by his grandfather in the winery since he was a little boy and his father led him to control several brass instruments. After the elementary school, he was admitted to the Wine School in Bzenec and during his studies, he has twice won the title of "young winemaker" in the category of under-18 of the "Zenit" competition. Today is the owner of the company earning the fruit of this experiences from a childhood spent in Žůrek Winery, while the Winery itself wins many awards, both from the Czech Republic and abroad every year.


100 000 - 130 000 bottles per year


White wine variety

Müller Thurgau
Moravian Muscat
Muscat Ottonel
Pinot Blanc
Pinot Grigio
Sylvan green
Traminer Rot
Grüner Veltliner

Red wine variety

Cabernet Moravia
Cabernet Sauvignon
Blauer Portugieser
Saint Laurent
Pinot Noir


Gold Cup 2014 Wine & Deli - Pinot Blanc PS 2013 - Silver Medal
AWC Vienna - Neronet 2014 - Gold Medal
Muvina Prešov – Pinot Blanc PS 2014
TOP 77 - Welsh Race PS 2014, Dornfelder PS 2013 - Gold Medal
MVT - Cabernet Sauvignon PS 2013 - Gold medal
Galery of the Pinot wines Pinot Grigio2014

Žůrek Winery Žeravice