Adamkovo vinarstvi

Adamkovo vinarstvi

"John of Nepomuk is for us the reference of the past traditions and knowledge of the people. “Grapes”, on the other hand, is the movie that was shot there, and shows us the appeal for the future and refers to modern technology and approach.


The winery of Mr Adámek started since 1997 to grow the vineyards and officially produce wine in Vyšňové, Nová Hora track, situated on the edge of Znojmo-subregion. With climate, that gives rise to wines of a distinctive aromatic variety, philosophy of the winery turns around the impact of vineyards on the resulting quality of wine. Selection of grapes, it uses not only its own vineyard, it also works with the best vineyards in other sub-regions. Traditional wine processing combined with state-of-the-art technology combines. The grapes are picked and sorted by hand, then the wine ripens using the controlled fermentation method in stainless steel tanks, but the blue varieties do so in the wooden barrels. The winery contributes each bottle it has sold on the repairs of statues of the Czech saint, St. Jan of Nepomuk, who is also pictured on the labels.

In 2007 was the Winery offered the pleasure to take part in a production of a successful Czech movie with the important Czech actors playing the lead – Grapes. A special edition of wine, directly from a famous actor Karel Roden became the conclusion of this collaboration. Karel Roden and Tomáš Vican, who owns the Wine Gallery, met each other in course of shooting the movie “Lidice” The long-awaited wishes of Karel Roden were given specific outlines soon after that.

"I had lots of offers to link my name with wine before that, but Tomáš understood what I was about to do, namely, that I want to play with the wine, not to make anything of a mass scale, with only my name on it." as was his way to a wine edition of his own described by Karel Roden. As a very exclusive edition, it is available only in selected wine shops and renowned restaurants. Czech Made has the privilege to be able to offer this edition to you, albeit only in an amount which is very limited. It will also very soon become a collector's piece and a rarity certainly.


It's highly recommended to visit Mr Adámek winery on your travel to Prague. There is a possibility to see wine production and create your own wine under your own label in the winery and it will welcome you with a pleasant sitting in a cellar with a capacity of 20 people and an outdoor barbeque.


White wines variety

Müller Thurgau
Muškát Moravský
Pinot Blanc
Pinot Grigio
Traminer Rot
Grüner Veltliner

Red wines variety 

Bläuer Portugeiser               
Pinot Noir
Saint Laurent

Adamkovo vinarstvi