Žůrek Winery Žeravice

"In Slovácko, the relationship with the wine and the vineyard is inherited with their property from father to son for several generations. So is it, with the Winery Žůrek. "

Adamkovo vinarstvi

"John of Nepomuk is for us the reference of the past traditions and knowledge of the people. “Grapes”, on the other hand, is the movie that was shot there, and shows us the appeal for the future and refers to modern technology and approach.

Rajhradské klášterní

"Winery has been in its present form since 2009 when the current owners met. They decided to pursue the centuries-old tradition of the Rajhrad Winery, which from the very beginning the Order of Benedictines. "

Vinselekt Michlovský

"To participate in the creation of wine, which is a perfect product of the surrounding nature, is for us not only a matter of existential but also of pleasure in the work done, a certain kind of art, justified pride and self-esteem."

Family Winery Břeclav

„To taste a product, made in a place where we use to live, as well as the person, who made it with his own hands does.“


„Love of wine at the first place.”

Lobkowicz Roudnice Winery

Lobkowicz winery in Roudnice is a traditional Czech wine producer, whose wines are getting crowned with numerous awards for more than four centuries.


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