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From the heart of fields and hillsides, we are bringing you the very best of what have been harvested in the Czech Republic. The family tradition and sensitive approach towards nature are an obvious starting points for the high quality final product. Our wine is unmistakable with its taste that will please your heart.

Pet food

Quality of animal feed from the Czech Republic approved by the long-term exporting into more than 60 countries around the globe proves us of that it is comparable to the biggest players on the market.

Chocolate & crackers

Handmade products from the Czech Republic and their long-lasting tradition made the overcoming of changes on the global markets possible. Prove yourself about the unique taste of chocolate and wafers from the Czech Republic.

Jewelery & glass

When you say the Czech Republic, glass and beer are what anyone imagines instantly. Masters of the Czech glass are proud to represent their craft of the highest quality crystal and leaded glass worldwide.


Fresh herbs and the purity of the nature are accenting the beauty of our country, blending in the cosmetic products that are awaiting you in our stock.


Handicrafts and custom manufacturing makes the Czech Republic a leader of the market with candles that will fill your house with fragrance. Discover the Czech-specific patterns, crystal decorations and our traditional beeswax.

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