The company CzechMade is proud of that it can represent the Czech companies in the largest and most modern exhibition halls throughout Korea. We cooperate closely with the exhibition complex in Seoul (COEX), which is one of the major exhibition grounds of the Far East. Other exhibition halls included are BEXCO (Busan), KINTEX (Ilsan), EXCO (Daegu). It is our aim to provide only the best exhibitions and expositions facilities.

However, our specialization does not only include indoor events. In the past years, we also actively participated in open-air exhibitions and festivals. Among the largest events were Hi Seoul and Itaewon Village, Embassies Day in Seoul, where we represented the Czech Republic under the auspices of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Korea. We also were the main partner of the SAB Miller company during organization of the Pilsner festivals, where we provided catering using the products from the Czech Republic. The list of actions, events and exhibitions exhibition consists of more than thirty cases of decent representation for the period of our existence. Thanks to the great team of people and the support of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Korea, we are constantly improving and preparing new capacities for the upcoming events.

We would be honored to represent your products as well at some of the other exhibitions or festivals. Our preparation, design and the representation at events are among the best.

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